Matt Fox, Undergraduate Student

Quantifying Milfoil Weevil Density, Distribution and Temporal Variation


The Problem

  • Milfoil is a nuisance, non-native aquatic plant that impedes recreation and alters the biology, chemistry & physics of lakes.
  • Traditional control techniques are costly, have negative side effects, or are a short-term solution. Therefore, biocontrol is an attractive alternative.
  • The milfoil weevil is native and all life stages selectively feed on milfoil…however, biocontrol is not always successful.
  • In order to predict biocontrol success, we must be able to quantify milfoil weevil density, distribution and variation.

Research Question

  • What is the best way to quantify milfoil weevil density and distribution? Specifically, what size quadrat should be used and how many quadrats are needed to estimate weevil densities at the whole-lake scale?


Intensive sampling of 1-lake – Summer 2008


EnviroScience Inc.