Past Personnel

Nick Skaff, PhD (2013-2018)

Nick’s research evaluated how the composition and configuration of aquatic habitats influence broad-scale mosquito-borne disease transmission. He also worked with two large collaborative research groups, GLEON and CSI Limnology, to determine the ways in which climate, and terrestrial and aquatic landscape structure influence the chemical and biological properties of lakes at regional and continental scales.


Autumn Poisson, Project Manager
dsc_0399.jpgAutumn was the project manager on the Continental Limnology project, which aims to create a water quality database of the continental US. She is involved with project planning, implementing and tracking project and team activities, setting up and facilitating meetings, gathering and sharing data, communicating information, and working with team members on related research. Her research interest include understanding coastal processes in the face of climate change and how to best mitigate the challenges presented.


Ellie Phillips, Research Assistant









Alex Blair, Student GIS Technician

Claire Boudreau, Student Research Assistant

Laura Danila, Student Research Assistant