Patricia A. Soranno

Professor and Co-director

Soranno is co-director of the Data-Intensive Landscape Limnology Lab in MSU’s Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. She is a landscape limnologist, that is, a freshwater scientist who studies the multi-scaled spatial and temporal drivers of aquatic chemistry and biology. She is also a macrosystems ecologist and conducts research to develop concepts, approaches, and datasets needed to foster the development of data-intensive approaches in ecology. All of her research is collaborative and most of it is conducted within the Data-Intensive Landscape Limnology Lab. See the following links on this website for: research products including publications, research themes, and primers related to the work that they do in this lab.

At MSU, she teaches Limnology, an upper-division undergraduate course, using a flipped classroom model that emphasizes active learning, case study approaches to teaching science, and student-led discovery. The current syllabus is here. She also teaches undergraduate and graduate seminars in topical areas.



Contact information

Patricia A. Soranno
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife,                          Michigan State University
Natural Resources Building
480 Wilson Road
East Lansing, MI 48824
Office: 334D Natural Resources Building
Office: (231)714-9591
Twitter: @PASmsu2