Patricia A. Soranno

Professor and Co-director

Soranno is co-director of the Data-Intensive Landscape Limnology Lab at Michigan State University in the Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, she is currently serving as Division Director of the Division of Biological Infrastructure in the Directorate for Biological Sciences at the U.S. National Science Foundation (2019 – present), and she is co-lead for the LAGOS project, whose mission is to develop the needed tools and approaches for the study of lakes at macroscales that will enable researchers to address environmental grand challenges and inform management, policy, education, and outreach. She is also the founding editor-in-chief for the Association of the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography’s newest open-access journal, Limnology & Oceanography Letters.

Leadership: She is a an inclusive and strategic leader who strives to create the culture and environments for both people and ideas to flourish. She has experience in a range of sectors that include leading large interdisciplinary research teams at universities, launching a new open-access disciplinary journal, and directing a division of research infrastructure at a national funding agency. She envisions a future STEM enterprise that better reflects the realities of contemporary science that is inclusive and equitable in all its practices and values, is highly collaborative and team-based, is often data-intensive and interdisciplinary, and places the highest value in not only gaining fundamental knowledge, but also in its application and translation to societal problems and needs.

Disciplinary expertise: Soranno is a landscape limnologist, that is, a freshwater scientist who studies the multi-scaled spatial and temporal drivers of aquatic chemistry and biology. She is also a macrosystems ecologist and conducts research to develop concepts, approaches, and datasets needed to foster the development of data-intensive approaches in ecology. She enjoys crossing disciplinary boundaries to solve complex problems that benefit from a diversity of perspectives and approaches. She also conducts research about the contemporary practice of environmental science, including the emerging dominance of team-based research, open science, and data-intensive approaches. All of her research is collaborative and most of it is conducted within the Data-Intensive Landscape Limnology Lab.

Experience in scientific publishing: Soranno has also been actively involved in working towards making scientific publishing more inclusive through innovative strategies that engage a broader range of individuals in scientific publishing through open access journals, early-career publishing fellowship models, and analysis of people engaged in editing.


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Patricia A. Soranno, PhD
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife*,                          Michigan State University
Natural Resources Building
480 Wilson Road
East Lansing, MI 48824
Office: 334D Natural Resources Building
Office: (231)714-9591
Twitter: @PatSoranno

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*Currently serving as Division Director at the NSF Division of Biological Infrastructure.