Current Personnel

Katherine Webster, Affiliate Faculty


Kath is a landscape limnologist with a longterm research interest in understanding how hydrogeomorphic features shape lake characteristics across broad spatial extents and, particularly, how they influence the response of lakes to stressors ranging from acid rain to nutrient enrichment.  Her role in the Continental Limnology project is to contribute to the development of the GEO module of the LAGOS-US database.


Nicole Smith, GIS Analyst

Nicole is the GIS Analyst for the Continental Limnology project. She uses Python and R programming to automate GIS processing steps leading to the creation of metrics and watersheds included in the GEO module of the LAGOS lakes database. She also writes and maintains metadata relating to this module, creates maps and visualizations, and leads the sub-team working on this portion of the database.


Ian McCullough, Post-doc (2017-present)

Ian is a landscape ecologist particularly interested in the role of climate change on ecological patterns and processes across space. His research is not tied to a particular system; he has worked extensively with both forests and lakes using a combination of field observations, experiments and modeling. Ian’s research is inherently interdisciplinary, having integrated principles and methods from ecology, geography, limnology, climatology and hydrology. In addition, Ian is particularly interested in synthesizing existing long-term datasets to address novel questions at large spatial scales.

Patrick Hanly, Post-doc (2019-present)

Patrick is an aquatic community ecologist focusing on understanding the drivers of biodiversity from local to regional and global scales. He is interested in integrating big, open-source data such as satellite imagery and citizen science databases to expand the scope of applied ecological theory.


Marcella Domka, MS (2020-present)
Domka photo

Danielle Matuszak, MS (2020-present)


Maggie Haite, Undergraduate Research Assistant


Lexi Nadolsky, Student Research Assistant

Arika Hawkins, Student Research Assistant